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Mike Dunne uncovers the history of the wine gold rush in the foothills. 

"What is really not so well known is the history of those less successful in gold mining, but sometimes very successful in the production of goods for everyday living, which in some instances was more important than finding gold.  However, a lot of this history, like much of history, has been lost.  Mike Dunne has revitalized a lot of pre-Prohibition history and put it into an eminently readable text with information that even the casual reader will find fascinating."

-Darrell Corti, Sacramento grocer

"This is a wine book for everyone.  There's no high-toned elitism, no tasting-note gibberish, just clear, lively storytelling.  The wines, the regions and all of us who read this book are better off because Mike Dunne is telling these stories."

-Rick Kushman, New York Times best-selling author and CPR wine commentator


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